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SP511E WiFi LED Controller With 38 Keys RF Remote and Button Control Works for Addressable LED Strips

Dhs. 60.00 

Product Specification

 Product Name:     SP511E LED controller
Input Voltage:  DC5-24V
Support IC:  WS2811/WS2812B/SK6812 etc
Remote Distance:  30meters/98.4ft
Control Mode:  APP (iOS or Android)/3-Button control/LED remote controller control/Voice control
Working Temperature:   -20~60°C
Music Control:  Built-in MIC
APP name:   FairyNest
 Memory: Automatic memory function
Speed Control:  Adjustable

Product Description:

The SP511E LED controller controls the LED strip 256 brightness adjustment and outputs 16 million color chasing dynamic chasing effects, matching addressable LED strips (using the return-to-zero code communication method), can support up to 900 ICs, DC5V, independent Addressable addressable LED strips can light up 900LEDs, DC12V, 3LEDs controlled by a single IC, 2700LEDs can be lighted at the same time, DC24V, 6LEDs controlled by a single IC, 5400LEDs can be lighted at the same time.

Support DC5-24V input voltage, built-in microphone, high voice control sensitivity, support mobile APP control, IR remote control, controller button control and voice control (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.), autonomous server (non-Graffiti), in addition to support conventional Switch and dimming instructions. Direct voice control can produce dynamic effects and music effects.


Timer fuction, turn on/off the LED strip on time every day.

Remote fuction, you can control the LED strip whenever and wherever you like via APP in 2G/3G/4G/WIFI network.

Mark fuction, you can mark the lighting effect you like.

Auto playing fuction, you can set the app automatic loop play the chasing lighting effect.

STA mode, one APP can control lots of controller make sure connect the controller to your home 2.4G WiFi network.

Adjust the LED strip RGB order.


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