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Lian Li Q58 Mini-ITX Case, PCIE 4.0 Edition, SFX PSU Mode, Tempered Glass Case, Black

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Description for Lian Li Q58 Mini-ITX Case, PCIE 4.0 Edition, SFX PSU Mode, Tempered Glass Case, Black


It’s stylish, it’s sleek, and it’s modular. The Lian Li Q58X4 Mini-ITX Case is part of the Q58 aluminium chassis range. Featuring hinged tempered glass and mesh panels, hot-swappable components, plus a variety of ways to configure, this is an amazing case for building small form factor gaming PCs. The interior is highly modular, with support for hot-swappable SSDs and the choice of two PSU sizes. Its overall design has been primed towards exceptional cable management and for detail orientated builds. Plus, with a capacity of 14.5L, you can pack a lot of hardware within the Lian Li Q58X4 whilst still maintaining excellent cooling.


  • Mini-ITX case manufactured from sand-blasted aluminium and tempered glass
  • Hinged panels for easy access to interiors when installing hardware
  • Mesh panels with magnetic dust filters for enhanced air flow
  • Includes an ATX PSU bracket as well as integrated support for SFX power supplies
  • Flexible mounting options for AiO water cooling systems
  • 3 expansion slots and support for vertical GPU mounting with included PCIe 4 riser cable
  • Available in two-tone black or solid white


Lian Li are back with a new Mini-ITX Case, the Q58X4. Part of an extended range, this chassis has an amazing 14.5L capacity, for all your premium gaming hardware. Many aspects of this case have been curated to support detail orientated builds, as well as ease of use. The side panels are hinged, splitting in the middle to provide ample access to the interiors when installing hardware. As standard, these panels are tempered glass for the top half and aluminium mesh for the bottom half. However, they are hot-swappable meaning you can arrange them any way you like.

With its compact design yet enormous versatility, cable management and innovative features help to keep this case as sleek and efficient as possible. The interior is armed with plenty of Velcro straps and tie-downs for taming cables, whilst many of the features negate the need for extra cables. Behind the Lian Li logo panel on the back, there is a header hub for PWM fans and LED strips. Containing three of each, this interfaces directly with the motherboard and can be controlled via the software you would use to control that hardware.

Granting you great flexibility with your build, there are several modular aspects to the Lian Li Q58X4, in addition to the hot-swap panels. Included within the contents are a PSU ATX bracket and HDD expansion rack, for adjusting support to accommodate larger hardware.


Despite its small footprint, the Lian Li Q58X4 Mini-ITX Case can support a full contingent of gaming hardware and cooling accessories. Plus, thanks to the modular nature of this case, its size is not a limiting factor of what hardware you install. For your graphics card, there are three expansion slots to support even some of the larger models available on the market. The maximum length it can accommodate is up to 320mm.

Storage can be installed throughout the chassis, most notably with a hot-swappable SSD tray embedded in the top of the case. Situated towards the front, this drive supports a 2.5” SSD and requires no tools for installation. Simply slide it into the slot and your SSD is ready to store your gaming library. No cables need to be unplugged if you decide to switch out for a newer model, either. Additionally, there is an SSD tray on the fan bracket, with this being the extendable drive bay, a mount behind the PSU bracket, and a bottom bracket which can be used for storage or a fan.

In total, you can run up to four 2.5” SSDs or three with a singular 3.5” HDD. It should, however, be noted that the amount of storage drives you have is affected by the size of PSU you install. Naturally, with a larger PSU, there will be less space for extra hardware, but you can still install two 2.5” SSDs with this configuration.


When it comes to cooling, the Lian Li Q58X4 Mini-ITX Case has been primed for use with an AiO cooling system, supporting a CPU cooler up to 67mm tall. There are two ways of going about cooling this case, and it all comes down to what size PSU is installed. This is also the deciding factor in what size radiator you have. Thanks to the inclusion of an ATX PSU bracket, you can install this larger power supply instead of an SFX or SFX-L. Referred to as SFX PSU Mode and ATX PSU Mode, here is a deeper look into how this affects configuration.


With the smaller of the power supply options, there is space for up to a 280mm AiO loop. The supported length is dictated by where you install this hardware, with three options to choose from:

  1. Radiator directly mounted onto the top fan bracket;
  2. Radiator mounted below the fan or;
  3. Radiator mounted below the fan with the front SSD tray removed.

This means there can be a radiator up to 280mm mounted on the top panel, whilst the bottom can hold a 120mm radiator. For fans, there is support for two fans on the top panel – either 120mm or 140mm – and a singular, 120mm fan on the bottom.


As you would expect, there are fewer mounting options in the mode with the larger PSU, with support for a 120mm AiO. This can be mounted on the top or the bottom, with fan support for either a 120mm or 140mm on the front and just 120mm on the bottom panel.


Manufactured from a sand-blasted aluminium, the Lian Li Q58X4 Mini-ITX Case has a sleek brushed-effect finish. This model is black, with a two-tone design to complete the stylish aesthetic. The interiors are supported by a stainless-steel frame, whilst the side panels are either 1mm aluminium mesh or 3mm tempered glass.

Integrated upon the front face of the case, the Lian Li Q58X4’s I/O panel is fully equipped to keep you connected. The circular power button contains an LED to indicate power status and if the hard drive is being read. Below this, there is an HD Audio jack, USB 3.1 Type-C port, and a standard USB 3.0. With these connections, you can enjoy up to 5Gbps transmission speeds, or double that with the Type-C.

Specifications for Lian Li Q58 Mini-ITX Case, PCIE 4.0 Edition, SFX PSU Mode, Tempered Glass Case, Black

Date first available
  • 05 October, 2021
Shipping Weight
  • 5.25 Kg
Shipping Dimensions
  • 23.50 cm x 41.50 cm x 41.01 cm
Form Factor
  • Mini-ITX
Side Window
  • With Side Window
No. of Fans
  • 0 Fans
  • Black
External 5.25 Inch Drive Bays
  • None
Radiator Support
  • Up to 120mm

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