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Logitech G102 LightSync RGB Lighting 6 Programable buttons Wired Gaming Mouse (White)

Dhs. 135.00 
  1. Design and Build:

    • The Logitech G102 typically features an ergonomic design suitable for right-handed users.
    • It often has a compact and lightweight construction, making it comfortable for extended gaming sessions.
  2. Sensor:

    • The G102 usually comes equipped with an optical sensor that provides accurate and responsive tracking.
  3. DPI (Dots Per Inch):

    • The mouse often supports adjustable DPI settings, allowing users to customize sensitivity levels according to their preferences.
  4. Buttons:

    • The G102 typically has a standard set of mouse buttons, including left and right-click buttons, a scroll wheel, and additional programmable buttons.
  5. RGB Lighting:

    • Many gaming peripherals, including the Logitech G102, often feature customizable RGB lighting. Users can personalize the lighting effects and colors to match their gaming setup.
  6. Software Support:

    • Logitech mice often come with software support, allowing users to customize button functions, DPI settings, and RGB lighting through a user-friendly interface.
  7. Build Quality:

    • Logitech is known for producing durable and reliable peripherals, and the G102 is no exception. The build quality is typically solid, providing a mouse that can withstand regular use.
  8. Connection Type:

    • The G102 often connects to the computer via USB, providing a stable and responsive connection for gaming.
  9. Price Point:

    • Logitech G102 is often positioned as a budget-friendly gaming mouse, making it a popular choice among gamers who are looking for a good balance between performance and affordability

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